Lory - Rainbow Lorikeet

Lory  -  Rainbow Lorikeet
  Rainbow Lorikeet
  Least Concern
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  A lovely red billed rainbow lorikeet.
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  Brevard Zoo
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  • Rainbow Lorikeets are found in various habitats in Australia and Tasmania.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets feed on nectar, pollen, fruits and berries.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets have some natural enemies like birds of prey and snakes.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets have a tongue like a brush that can soak up nectar.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets form large (and noisy) flocks of birds.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets are highly variable in appearance.
  • There are 22 identified subspecies of Rainbow Lorikeet.
  • When young Rainbow Lorikeets have a brown bill, but it changes to orange or red as they become adults.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets often screech continuously when in flight.
  • Rainbow Lorikeets often cause damage to orchards and vineyards.

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