Frog - White's Treefrog

Frog  -  White's Treefrog
  White's Treefrog
  Least Concern
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  • White's Tree Frogs are also known as the Australian Green Tree Frogs
  • White's Tree Frogs are also known as Dumpy Tree Frogs
  • White's Tree Frogs have adapted to live in or near buildings.
  • White's Tree Frogs can cling tightly onto walls because they have adhesive toes.
  • White's Tree Frogs can turn different colors for camouflage.
  • White's Tree Frogs turn different colors depending on factors like temperature.
  • White's Tree Frogs are drought tolerant partially due to their deeply folded skin which can trap large amounts of water.
  • White's Tree Frogs are nocturnal hunters.
  • Male White's Tree Frogs are smaller than females.
  • White's Tree Frogs are from Australia, but have been introduced in other parts of the world.
  • The female White's Tree Frog can lay 2,000 to 3,000 eggs after mating.
  • White's Tree Frogs skin produces a substance that has been used to treat high blood pressure in humans.
  • Some people keep White's Tree Frogs as pets.

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