Egret - Great Egret

Egret  -  Great Egret
  Great Egret
  Least Concern
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  • The Great Egret is also known as the Great White Egret.
  • The Great Egret is very common in the sun belt of the United States.
  • Like all Egrets, the Great Egret is a Heron.
  • The Great Egret can stand over 3 feet high.
  • The Great Egret typically weighs less than 3 lbs.
  • The Great Egret feeds primarily on fish, frogs and small mammals.
  • Long ago Great Egrets were hunted so their plumes could be used to decorate hats.
  • The Great Egret has adapted to human habitation and in some areas will live near water in urban and suburban areas.
  • There are 4 subspecies of Great Egret, and they are all similar in appearance.
  • The Great Egret is the most widespread of all egrets and herons.
  • The Great Egret has black legs and feet.

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