Dinosaur - Troodon

Dinosaur  -  Troodon
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  Photo from Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina.
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  Museum of Life and Science
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  • The first troodon fossil was found in 1855.
  • The troodone was one of the first dinosaur fossils found in North America.
  • Troodon is a Greek word meaning "wounding tooth".
  • The troodon was probably a fast runner.
  • The troodon had a retractable claw on its second toe.
  • The troodon's brain was large compared to other dinosaurs.
  • Because of its tooth and body shape, it is believed that the troodon was an omnivore.
  • The fossil remains of the troodon suggest it reached adult size between 3-5 years.
  • Troodons are believed to have had good depth perception.
  • Fossilized remains of 8 troodon nests are kept in the Museum of the Rockies in Montana.
  • Troodon eggs were larger than eggs normally laid by reptiles.
  • Troodon was one of the more bird-like dinosaurs.
  • Troodon dinosaurs were effective hunters with sharp teeth and claws.
  • Troodon grew to about six feet in length.

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