Bison - American Bison

Bison  -  American Bison
  American Bison
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  Young american bison.
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  • The American bison is also known as the American buffalo.
  • American bison are about 6.5 feet tall.
  • American bison can run up to 37MPH.
  • During mating season male American bison will fight fiercely over a female.
  • American bison can live in the plains or mountainous regions.
  • At one time there was an estimated 50 million American bison, but now they are virtually extinct in the wild.
  • Bison live and travel in herds.
  • Bison herds may stampede if they sense danger.
  • Bison are born with red fur, which later turns brown as they grow.
  • Bison can run just hours after they're born.
  • The American Bison is one of the heaviest land animals.

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