Wolf - Gray Wolf

Wolf  -  Gray Wolf
  Gray Wolf
  Least Concern
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  Sat Feb 13 14:48:59 2016
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  Closeup of Gray Wolf in front of trees.
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  Phillips Park Zoo
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  • There are 39 sub-species of the Gray Wolf.
  • Wolves hunt in packs and can kill deer, caribou and moose.
  • The gray wolf can weigh up to 130 lbs.
  • Wolves are very shy.
  • Pet dogs are descended from wild wolves.
  • Wolves can go for two weeks without food, but will gorge themselves full when food is plentiful.
  • A Gray Wolf's howl can reach 90dB, just a little below the noise of a subway train.
  • Gray Wolves were once nearly hunted to extinction in the United States.
  • A Gray Wolf will eat up to 20 pounds in one meal.
  • A Grey Wolf pack can travel about 125 miles in one day.

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