Red Panda

Red Panda
  Red Panda

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  Cute red panda face closeup.
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  Miller Park Zoo
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  • The red panda has partially retractable claws and climbs well.
  • The red panda is also called the lesser panda.
  • The red panda is mainly nocturnal and solitary.
  • Red pandas communicate by short whistles and squeaks.
  • Red pandas eat mostly bamboo, and will also eat other plants, small animals and eggs.
  • The Red Panda is more closely related to the Raccoon than bears.
  • Most Red Pandas live in Nepal.
  • Red Pandas like to have their homes located in temperate forests.
  • The countries where Red Pandas live are: India, Nepal, China, Burma and Bhutan.
  • The Red Panda was discovered 48 years earlier than the Giant Panda.
  • Red pandas can live up to 14 years in a zoo, in the wild they can live for 7-8 years.
  • The Mozilla web browser "Firefox" is named after the Red Panda.
  • The Red Pandas claws can be pulled in (retracted) like a cats.
  • Red pandas are actually classified as carnivores. They occasionally eat eggs, insects or small animals, though they mostly stay on a vegetarian diet.
  • Sometimes Red Pandas will spend 13 hours a day looking for bamboo!
  • Red Pandas have an extra thumb!
  • Red Pandas will be more active in early morning and late afternoon.
  • Red Pandas colors are used for camouflage, their red fur is the same color as moss on the trees where they live.
  • The Red Panda's bushy tail helps it balance when climbing in trees.
  • Red Pandas primarily live in temperate old growth forests.
  • Red Pandas can stand upright on their hind two legs.

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