Raccoon dog

Raccoon dog
  Raccoon dog

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  • The Raccoon Dog is named for its resemblance to the raccoon. It is not related to the raccoon.
  • The Raccoon Dog is nocturnal.
  • The Raccoon Dog has a wide diet, including fruits, birds, crabs, fish and small mammals.
  • The Raccoon Dog often searches for food along river banks, lakesides and the seashore.
  • The Raccoon Dog is a member of the dog family.
  • The Raccoon Dog is abundant in Japan.
  • The Raccoon Dog is the only canid that hibernates in winter.
  • The Raccoon Dog will eat enough to increase it's body weight by up to 50% in preparation for hibernation.
  • Raccoon Dogs usually live in pairs or small family groups.

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