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  • Raccoons are good climbers. They can climb down trees head first or tail first.
  • Few animals can descend a tree head first, but the Raccoon can because it can rotate its hind feet 180 degrees to grip the tree.
  • Raccoons, because of their intelligence, are able to adapt to many environments.
  • Raccoons can open doors, jars etc. with their claws. this makes it easier for them to adapt.
  • Raccoons are usually solitary animals, but you may see groups of them around if there is a large source of food in one location.
  • Raccoons most often hunt for food at night.
  • Raccoons are omnivores. (They eat plants and animals.)
  • Raccoons are native to North America.
  • The word Raccoon comes from an Indian word that means "scratches with his hands".
  • The are only three existing Raccoon species.

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