Opossum - Virginia Opossum

Opossum  -  Virginia Opossum
  Virginia Opossum
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  • The Virginia Opossum is also known as the North American Opossum.
  • The Virginia Opossum's range is expanding in North America.
  • The Virginia Opossum benefits from human habitats.
  • The Virginia Opossum is a true onmivore.
  • The Virginia Opossum is the largest American marsupial.
  • When threatened the Virginia Opossum will feign death.
  • When feigning death, Virginia Opossums will lie immobile on their side for up to six hours.
  • The Virginia Opossum is nocturnal.
  • Virginia Opossums spend most of their time on the ground, but they are good climbers.
  • Virginia Opossums swim strongly.
  • Newborn Virginia Opossums will stay in their mother's pouch about 70 days.
  • Virginia Opossums will eat many things, such as grubs and eggs, flowers, fruits and carrion.
  • The Virginia Opossum has fur that varies from red, brown, or black.

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