Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat
  Mountain Goat

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Mountain Goat Facts & Trivia for kids

  • The Mountain Goat is not a true goat.
  • The Mountain Goat is in a subfamily of animals called Goat-Antelopes.
  • Mountain Goats walk along steep, rocky cliffs with ease.
  • Mountain Goats hooves have rubbery pads that help them grip rocks to maintain their balance.
  • Baby Mountain Goats (kids) are often born on a mountain ledge.
  • Baby Mountain Goats (kids) can climb shortly after birth.
  • Baby Mountain Goats (kids) stay with their mother for about a year.
  • A Mountain Goat herd is lead by the males during breeding season, and is lead by the females during the rest of the year.
  • Both male and female Mountain Goats have beards and horns.
  • Mountain Goats roll in dry mud to get rid of parasites and loose hair.

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