Lynx - Eurasian Lynx

Lynx  -  Eurasian Lynx
  Eurasian Lynx
  Least Concern
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  Eurasian lynx, stalking a scrap of meat.
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  • Eurasian Lynx can vary a lot in coat appearance from cat to cat.
  • Some Eurasian Lynx are striped, some spotted, some don't have a pattern.
  • The Eurasian Lynx has thick fur that keeps it warm even in cold northern climates.
  • The Eurasian Lynx will hunt large prey that are up to three or four times its own size.
  • The Eurasian Lynx is closely related to the Canada Lynx.
  • Eurasian Lynx have very short tails. Their tails are less than six inches long.

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