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  Closeup of African Elephant.
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  Virginia Zoo
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  • Elephants are not afraid of mice.
  • Elephants, especially the dominant female, do have good memories.
  • An Elephant's truck contains over 40,000 muscles.
  • A herd of Elephants is led by the dominant female.
  • An Elephant's tusks are large teeth.
  • It takes almost two years for an unborn elephant to grow inside it's mother.
  • Elephant tusks are heavy. One tusk could weigh as much as a grown man.
  • Elephants spend much of their day drinking water.
  • Elephants can drink 20 gallons of water a day.
  • An elephant's trunk is part nose part upper lip.
  • Elephants have a fine coat of hair.
  • An Elephant can eat 300 pounds of food per day.
  • Elephants use their trunks for many things, such as drinking, smelling, grabbing and hugging.
  • Elephants live on the continents of Africa and Asia.
  • The Elephant is the only land mammal that can't jump.
  • Elephants can lose their teeth and can regrow them. They grow six sets of molar teeth in their life. The sixth set of molars is their final set.
  • When male elephants fight they intertwine their tusks and push each other.
  • Elephants are strict vegetarians.
  • The shape of an Elephants ears is the most obvious difference between Asian and African elephants.
  • Male Elephants do not live with the herd. They live individually or with a small number of other males.
  • Elephants are the only animals with trunks.
  • Baby Elephants weigh about 250 pounds.
  • Elephants spend about 16 hours a day eating.
  • Elephants sleep only about 4 hours a night.
  • When Elephants flap their ears, they can be expressing excitement or joy.

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