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  Madagascar Chameleon
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  • Chameleons change color by expanding or contracting pigment cells in their skin.
  • Chameleons change color primarily to help control their temperature or to communicate with other chameleons.
  • At night while they are sleeping chameleons become paler in color.
  • Chameleons locate their prey by sight.
  • Chameleons stalk they prey slowly their flick their tongue out at great speed to catch their prey.
  • A chameleons can pivot each eye independently in a different direction.
  • The Oustalet's Chameleon is the world's largest Chameleon and can reach about 27 inches in length.
  • Chameleons occur is Africa, Madagascar, Asia and Europe.
  • Male Chameleons are highly territorial.
  • The emotions a Chameleon is feeling can impact their skin color.

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