Black-footed Cat

Black-footed Cat
  Black-footed Cat

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  Adult black-footed cat.
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Sorter Stats: Hits 118   At Bats 183   Average 0.645 Habitats: desert grassland

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  • The Black-footed Cat is about the size of a small pet cat.
  • The Black-footed Cat lives in Southern Africa.
  • The Black-footed Cat seldom needs to drink water.
  • The prey of the Black-footed Cat includes mice, birds, small lizards, spiders and insects.
  • Black-footed cats live individually, not in groups.
  • Black-footed cats are nocturnal animals which are rarely seen in the wild.
  • Unlike most other cats, Black-footed Cats are poor climbers.
  • Black-footed Cats are fierce when threatened.

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