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  • There are around 10,000 bird species.
  • Female bird's coloring is usually dull to help it hide from prey while nesting.
  • A place where birds are kept and raised is called an aviary.
  • Birds are warm blooded.
  • Birds are vertebrates.
  • Birds reproduce by laying eggs.
  • Feathers are unique to birds.
  • Many bones in a bird are hollow. This reduces the birds weight so it is easier to fly.
  • Some birds can enter a state of temporary hibernation called torpor.
  • Many birds engage in seasonal migration. Birds that do not migrate are called sedentary.
  • Many Birds' feathers weigh more than their bones.
  • The majority of birds have four toes on each foot.
  • All birds have feathers.
  • Birds are not mammals.

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