Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox
  Arctic Fox

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  • The arctic fox is sometimes called the snow fox or the polar fox.
  • The arctic fox lives further north than any other fox species.
  • Arctic foxes are nomadic. (They roam over a very large range because food is often scarce.)
  • Arctic foxes can survives temperatures as low as 70 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.
  • Arctic foxes live around the Arctic Circle.
  • Arctic foxes have smaller and more rounded ears that other foxes.
  • The Arctic foxes diet consists mainly of small rodents, lemmings and voles.
  • The Arctic fox is an omnivore. It will eat both animals and plants.
  • Artic fox cubs are born with dark fur. Their fur gradually becomes white as they get older.
  • At about six months old Arctic foxes are fully grown.

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